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Five Ways to Avoid Bad Managed IT Services

In order to help a business avoid badly managed IT service providers, we have compiled five key questions you can ask before selecting a managed IT support services provider in Dallas.

1. Does the provider offer service-level contracts? We start with this question because all good business keeps both parties happy. Before any work commences, you need to write down a detailed agreement that outlines both parties’ responsibilities from start to finish, including anticipated response times on problem tickets and performance metrics such as network up-times and down-times.

2. What distinctive skills does the provider offer? First-class service will flow from a highly knowledgeable and skilled team of professionals who can access the latest equipment and network capacity vendors. Be sure to ask a probable partner about the professional certifications its employees hold.

3. Has the provider solved similar problems like mine? The provider should have a track record of solving problems like yours – in your industry. Do they seem innovative and creative? You really cannot overvalue the value of industry-specific experience, which allows you to take advantage of the experience other companies paid to obtain.

4. Does the provider know your business? You need to know if the provider understands, or is keen to learn, the philosophical structure of your firm, including business goals and workflows. This ensures that the provider do not try to impose solutions that simply don’t fit or that don’t further business goals.

5. What kind of service does the provider actually offer?

You will want to speak with other current clients. As a starting point, of course, you would want to ascertain whether phone calls and emails are quickly answered. (Remember, the minimum response times for such calls should be spelled out in your contract document) You also want to know the levels of expertise the company has shown in solving problems. Have problems been resolved from the root cause or merely patched over? Does the service provider seem on top of glitches before the customer even notices them? Are they really aware of the problems when the client calls? Is the provider acting proactively, with the aim of achieving business goals and providing capacity for growth? Does the service feel personalized to your business?

managed-it-servicesAs you’re looking for companies with the right fit, you’ll notice that the answers to the above questions will vary depending on the collective experience of each service provider’s staff, among other variables. Pressing for a complete answer to each of these questions will ensure that a business contracts the right IT service provider.